Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pucallpa 7-17-08

I saw the Andes Mountains today!! I was amazed at the number of villages all the way up in the mountains. Above the tree line, nothing but dusty, baren earth, there were pathes snaking across the mountain tops and then scattered about were small villages with shiny metal roofs.
Pucallpa is very different than Lima. Its a bustling city surrounded by the Amazon. There are motortaxies every where, thousands of them. They're just as hair-raising to ride in as the taxies in Lima, but now with the addition of dust flying in your eyes every second of your journey.

The theme of the trip thus far is "hurry up and wait". It drives me insane. We are always waiting. We are supposed to meet in the hotel lobby for lunch.... we leave an hour later.... we get to lunch... we leave three hours later. In the restaurants you have to ask for the bill when you're done. They don't want to rush you, you can sit there all day if you want. Since James talks incesently, we often sit there for what seems like forever waiting for him to shut up and ask for the bill. Hopefully tomorrow we will actually get out and see the city.

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